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Vodka Belaruska is a pure , delicate, soft, noble alcoholic drink that invigorates all senses.










We implement and maintain the highest standards of production. We care about the origin of the ingredients used and offer high quality products.


We are experts in the alcohol industry. Our skills and knowledge we use to effectively create, promote and sell our products.


The plant is proud of an efficient distribution system, thanks to which the products are through Belarus, Russia, Europe, United States, Middle East, and Australia. Equaling 37 countries around the world.


The strategic direction of our activity is the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The company has its own distribution system, and a diversified portfolio of brands in all price segments.


We view the company as our common responsibility. We are looking for solutions that improve its performance. We act swiftly and decisively.


We are determined to fulfill our promises regarding consumers, partners, shareholders and employees.



Belaruska Premium Vodka is first vodka in the world with Augmented Reality Just download our belaruska vodka app and enjoy:

Yelena Tylkina is an amazing artist who created the artwork for the Belaruska Vodka labels.

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    Ms. Yelena Tylkina

 Yelena Tylkina

Belarus-born fine artist Yelena Tylkina lives and works in NYC as a professional artist, curator, and arts advocate. She works with canvas and paint or ink or line work design for every surface, book covers, illustrations, and fashion.

Yelena Tylkina is prolific, with endless imagination, so it is no surprise that this artist is committed to narrative art with dream-like characteristics and supernatural flair - topped with a delicious blend of the modern and the figurative - art work infused with her own personal language of symbols, combining myth with highly personal meaning.  Her art celebrating the free spirit of creative soul in constant search for her vision of the eternal. Her wide range of work includes styles as diverse as Figurative Symbolism, Surrealism, Imaginary Realism, Graffiti and Spiritual Erotica. 

Yelena Tylkina’s artwork takes on the fascinating and perhaps perplexing nexus where public persona and inner experience meet. The unbridled obscenity of our feelings, desires, and secrets is carefully inspected and sorted out in the souvenir-like presentation, during which she transforms travesty to destiny and, via tragedy, ultimately to ecstasy. Tylkina also writes prose, short stories in the style of magical realism and poetry.  

 Yelena Tylkina has won over a dozen awards and honors for her contribution to the art world nationally and internationally and her work is included in many private and corporate collections all over the globe. An Honoree of 2019 by The Society of Foreign Consuls in NY.

To date, she has had about a hundred exhibitions including a dozen solo and sixteen museum shows.  She has also appeared on several television and radio programs in the USA and Europe and her work has been the subject of focus in many articles in art magazines and newspapers, such as the “Noticias de Arte”,  “Manhattan Art International”, “Russian Bazaar”, “Metro”, “Forward”’ “Evening New York”, “Jewish World”, “Hellas News”, TV RUS, ARU.TV, ONT.BY, El Mundo, Vanity Fair, New York Times, NY1, Belarus1  and others.

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Belaruska makes them jump awesome


Belaruska is the spirit of Belarus. We define our land and its premium ingredients. We admire our efforts in innovation. The creation of Belaruska is a symbol of purity and skill recognized all over the world.


Watering the mouth, with a smooth and very well balanced, long aftertaste - excellent with ice or with soda and lime.


An excellent addition to any bar, refined for the standard mixing tasks of vodka, which can be enjoyed in its pure form, with ice or with one of your favorite vodka-based cocktails

Belaruska vodka awards


Distributed in New York/New Jersey

by Park Street Imports and Imported by VIProductUSA

Dmitry Lobachev: 1-646-752-4035

Maria Arbuzova: 1-646-220-9476


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At the moment we are interested in mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with wholesalers and distributors of alcoholic beverages in the US, the CIS countries and the Baltic States. If you interesting in our new brand or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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  • aMARIA ARBUZOVA: 1-646-220-9476
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